Outdoor Ceiling Fans for the Summer


Summer is here once more. It is one of my favourite seasons because I love the sun much like most people. That is also one of the reasons why I moved down south so that I could enjoy more days of sunshine and get away from the dreary season of winter. However, the problem of course with summer is that it can sometimes get too unbearably hot. I used to spend lots of summer days inside the house with the air condition up and running.

Of course the electric bill peaks every summer and I pay for it with a tinge of regret. But now that the economic crises has hit me big time, I can no longer afford to waste money on that kind of luxury. I tend to spend time out in the front porch. The problem is, I wish the breeze would keep on blowing because it was not blowing, it is still too hot. That’s when I decided to get myself an outdoor ceiling fan.

Outdoor ceiling fans are so cool (PowerHouseFans). Not only does it not make noise unlike the air conditioner, it is also very energy efficient. I can no longer imagine my front porch without it as it has become the heart and soul of that place. Air flow is one of the most effective ways of lowering body heat. It is also healthier since you get the benefits of fresh clean air where as if you were in an air conditioned room then the same air just gets re cycled and recycled. That is why lots of people who tend to stay indoors in ariconditioned rooms all the time tend to get stuffy noses and a sticky feeling in their throats after waking up in the morning.

There is another thing in summer that gets to be unbearable. Summer is the time when insects multiply because there is abundant food for them to eat. There are so many gnats, mosquitoes, and small flies bussing around during summer, it is hard to enjoy yourself in your porch. But now, I can have a small tasty snack accompanied by an ice cold sweet shake in my porch without as much as a fly to bother me. That is thanks once more to outdoor ceiling fans. The breeze keeps the insects away permanently.

Just make sure that you get the right kind of outdoor ceiling fan when you buy one for your porch. There are several designs that can complement your porch. There are also different grades. For porches that are small and where more moisture can get to it, there is the wet graded ceiling fans. For well covered porches, you can just get damp graded outdoor ceiling fans.