Energy Savings


The best use of a whole house fan system is to turn off the central air conditioner in the late afternoon or evening when the outside air temperature is below 85 degrees and at the same time turn on the whole house fan system. The whole house fan system then does the job of cooling your home much better and faster than an air conditioner at a huge savings in your electric bill.

How much does it cost you to run your air conditioning?

Last year a typical 15 year old 5 ton air conditioning system cost about $3.17 per hour to operate in many areas of California. This year it will cost about $5.44 per hour due to huge increases in utility rates in the upper tier levels.

The QuietCool System can save you 50% to 90% of your air conditioning usage.The QuietCool whole house cooling and ventilating system can help you significantly reduce your need for traditional air conditioning. The result is lower electric bills! The following chart is an example of potential savings when you reduce you’re A/C usage and use QuietCool instead.

The above chart illustrates how, if you only cut your air conditioning usage in half by using the QuietCool System, the savings should easily pay for a QuietCool System in ½ to 2 years. After that, you will save huge amounts each year.

The values for this chart were obtained from the Western Power Administration within the U.S Dept. of Energy study done in conjunction with Washington State University, using electric rates from California utility companies.

The fuel cost you select should be your highest tier rate from your electric bill. RebatesThe fact that the savings is so huge is the reason that almost all Utility Companies in California and those in many other areas of the country offer large rebates to the homeowner if they will install a whole house fan. These rebates are $75.00 to $250.00 for each whole house fan system installed. The following links will take you to their website for more information.