Owning A Bionaire Tower Fan Is Always A Plus


There are so many important appliances needed in our rooms to help in ensuring that there is always the very best of comfort. No one wants to come back from work only to meet a room that will make them feel more stressed thatn they were before they entered. This is why owning a Bionaire tower fan is always a plus. The many brands on the market has never being able to take over the reign of the Bionaire brand where tower fans are concerned. This is why it is extremely important to make sure you consider this brand first before you consider any other brand.


Whether you want the maxi or mini tower fan models, you will need to make sure you are buying it for the right use to prevent any stress from having unsatisfied results in the end.If you buy a Bionaire tower fan that comes with the very best of features; you will have a nice time using it. Also, if you buy a tower fan from the brand with less features, you will still love using it. However; the more the features, the higher the amount which means, you must be sure of what you want. The higher the price here does not mean Bionaire tower fans that come with the best features are very expensive, it just means you need to prepare for them. Depending on the type of brand you buy, it will be best to check out because some of this brand’s models come with the best adjustable stand to ensure that you can take the head higher when you need it to cover a specific space or a broader area in your room.


When you use a tower fan from Bionaire in your small room, you will not have any issues with space or your room closing up. This is because; they are designed to have a great stand that is small, strong and also very stylish. This means you need not worry about how small your office or room is because; you will get all the needed space to put your tower fan from the Bionaire brand in. Never rush when deciding on whether the space you have is truly right. Make sure you take the process very easy so that you make no mistakes that might cost you so much.


When the summer is all up and you need some cool air all over you, Bionaire tower fans will always be the best for you to go to. They do not start for the first week or two as great tower fans and start to dwindle in performance as the days go by. They will always maintain their quality and will always be the best cooling machine for you no matter what. You might be worried about price variations when considering getting tower fans from Bionaire with the very best features. Well, that should never be a worry to you. Also, make sure you do not buy an advanced model of Bionaire tower fans when you do not need those functions.

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Country Living Furnishings

f:id:greenhousepicks:20170512112741j:plainCountry living furnishings are an important feature of your home in rural America. Having a home that is attractive on the outside is certainly important. You wouldn’t want your home to be known as the nasty house with the messy yard on the road. The interior of your house should be as welcoming, if not more welcoming than the outside. A home should feel inviting  to those who visit. This is easily done with good looking furniture and accessories with a comfortable and country flair.


Are you looking for that perfect item that will transform your house into home that reflects your personality and style? Rocky Mountain Décor offers rustic furniture, country living décor and everything from curtains to bedding. Whether you prefer cowboy style, authentic western designs or simply need indoor log cabin ideas, Rocky Mountain Décor is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for Black Forest Decor Would you like to find interior home furnishings that offer both charm and purpose in your home? Black Forest Decor offers a wide variety of wall hangings, country bedding and rustic rugs that are sure to accent your home’s décor. Their pricing is very reasonable which makes shopping a Black Forest Decor a pleasure!

Lone Star Western DecorAre you looking for truly unique western décor for your home? You absolutely must check out Lone Star Western Décor’s website! From western cabinet hardware to western table linens, Lone Star Western Décor has everything that you’re looking for. They also offer many clearance items that will help you add great personal touches to your home without breaking your budget! Whether you live in a country French home or a log cabin, the impact of a guest opening the front door is one they will always remember. Good or bad, that first impression always stays around forever. It’s safe to say that everyone wants their friends and family to like their home, as
opposed to be confused over your choice of décor. If your home has an entrance foyer, dress it up. Make it the introduction to the rest of your home. It’s unwise to have each of the rooms decorated with different styles of furniture, especially if the house has an open floor plan. This makes visitors feel like you couldn’t make up your mind what you wanted the house to be like. Make sure that the first thing a guest sees when they enter the house is cohesive with the rest of the furnishings.

A home should be a comfortable place to live. The right front room furnishings can either make your house comfortable or make it look like a museum. It doesn’t make sense to spend the money to buy a home and not use all of the rooms as comfy spaces. Living the country life doesn’t mean that your options for décor are limited. On the contrary, there are loads of wonderful living room furniture design elements that can reflect your country style of living as well as your personality.

Pops of interesting colors can help to make the front room’s décor more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Even in the pioneer days, colors were made from natural sources such as the purple cabbage, marigolds, indigo and beets. Color will surely make a bland area of the room more exciting. You can use the same color over and over again or put a variety of colors in one space to brighten it up. Bright colors and comfortable furnishings for country living can make your house a retreat!

Emerson Ceiling Fans

The Ultimate Guide to Ceiling Fans“Why Choose Emerson?”“Because for more than a century Emerson has been setting the standard for ceiling fan quality, reliability and performance….”

Emerson Climate Technologies is an affiliate of one of the most admired company in the field of manufacturing – Emerson. It has consistently moved forward and is now acknowledged as one of the leading names when it comes to diverse lines of products including refrigeration, heating and air conditioning solutions for homes, offices and industrial use.

The company’s strength and success can be attributed to the perfect synergy of key strong elements in their operation and distribution including state-of-the-art technology, highly professional team of engineers and technicians, innovative designs and extensive distribution network, installation and after-sales support. This is the main reason why it was cited as one of the 100 best-managed companies for 5 straight years. The brand segments of Emerson are Emerson Process Management, Emerson Network Power, Emerson Storage Solutions, Emerson Professional Tools, Emerson Industrial Automation, Emerson Motor Technologies, Emerson Appliance Solutions and Emerson Climate Technologies.

Emerson Climate Technologies is one of the market leaders. It sets the standards in terms of quality, durability, performance and reliability of ceiling fans. The company boasts of a rich tradition of excellence and innovative solutions. It offers a broad range of designs that achieve a seamless blend of function and aesthetics.

Emerson Ceiling Fans never fail to elicit the “wow” response from consumers. Emerson ceiling fans make it to your short list if you want one that reflects your contemporary lifestyle and expresses your distinct character. Emerson Ceiling Fans are exquisitely designed, built and handcrafted to last a lifetime.Popular Emerson FansEmerson St.

Croix CF3300AP/B84MBX Ceiling FanSt. Croix CF3300AP/B84MBX is a transitional Emerson ceiling fan. It is an all-weather ceiling fan that comes either in 44-inch or 52-inch fan blade span with a 30-degree blade pitch. St. Croix is distinctively defined by its sturdy design which is exquisitely and beautifully built. It features a 27-inch downrod that is accessorized by genuine leather straps along its sleeves. Your home design theme can be accentuated by this elegant ceiling fan which you can customize with the use of Artisan fan blades or Palm Leaf fan blades.

Emerson Carrera Bella CF452GES Ceiling FanCarrera Bella CF452GES comes from the top-selling Carrera series of Emerson ceiling fans. This 52-inch Emerson ceiling fan is a great addition to home and offices with contemporary look as it comes with a non-vented fan grill design. It features a 4.5-inch downrod and fan blades with 13-degree pitch. It is adaptable to light fixture and offers a remote control as purchase option. Carrera Bella comes in Golden Espresso finish with chocolate-dark cherry reversible fan blades.

Emerson Midway Eco CF955ORB Ceiling FanMidway Eco CF955ORB belongs to the contemporary ceiling fan collection of Emerson. This 52-inch Emerson ceiling fan is noted for its energy efficiency. It is powered by the proprietary Emerson EcoMotor™ which consumes up to 75 percent less energy when compared to other ceiling fans of its class. Emerson Midway Eco ceiling fans feature aerodynamically-designed and highly-efficient fan blades that can move to as high as 40 percent more air than other fan blades. Midway Eco comes in oil-rubbed bronze finish and oil-rubbed bronze finish fan blades with 29-degree pitch.

Emerson Premium CF4800PW Ceiling FanPremium CF4800PW is a perfect choice for those who are going for traditional or rustic accents in their home or office interior design. This elegant ceiling fan is one of the more popular choices from the Traditional ceiling fan collection of Emerson. Its distinctive low profile evokes an appeal that is truly unique. The soothing glow of its accent lighting can be manipulated by wall-mounted control, remote control or pull chain. This Emerson ceiling fan is powered by Emerson K55CXL fan motor and comes with 42-inch, 50-inch and 56-inch blade span versions with 16-degree blade pitch.

Emerson Corsair CF3400AP B88PCN Ceiling FanCorsair CF4800AP is easily one of the top picks under the indoor/outdoor ceiling fan collection of Emerson. This Emerson ceiling fan belongs to the St.Croix series and comes in antique pewter body finish. Its overall traditional design theme has been updated to give it a transitional character. It offers eight blade design options and can be tailored to suit your personality and taste. Corsair CF4800AP comes with 44-inch and 52-inch fan blade span with 40-degree pitch.

Emerson Builder CF700AW Ceiling FanBuilder CF700AW comes out to be the best choice for homes and office if you want premium value and maximum comfort in your ceiling fan. This moderately priced ceiling fan belongs to the Pro Series ceiling fan collection of Emerson. It offers five different fan blade design options that are reversible and comes with an 11-degree blade pitch.



Outdoor Ceiling Fans for the Summer


Summer is here once more. It is one of my favourite seasons because I love the sun much like most people. That is also one of the reasons why I moved down south so that I could enjoy more days of sunshine and get away from the dreary season of winter. However, the problem of course with summer is that it can sometimes get too unbearably hot. I used to spend lots of summer days inside the house with the air condition up and running.

Of course the electric bill peaks every summer and I pay for it with a tinge of regret. But now that the economic crises has hit me big time, I can no longer afford to waste money on that kind of luxury. I tend to spend time out in the front porch. The problem is, I wish the breeze would keep on blowing because it was not blowing, it is still too hot. That’s when I decided to get myself an outdoor ceiling fan.

Outdoor ceiling fans are so cool (PowerHouseFans). Not only does it not make noise unlike the air conditioner, it is also very energy efficient. I can no longer imagine my front porch without it as it has become the heart and soul of that place. Air flow is one of the most effective ways of lowering body heat. It is also healthier since you get the benefits of fresh clean air where as if you were in an air conditioned room then the same air just gets re cycled and recycled. That is why lots of people who tend to stay indoors in ariconditioned rooms all the time tend to get stuffy noses and a sticky feeling in their throats after waking up in the morning.

There is another thing in summer that gets to be unbearable. Summer is the time when insects multiply because there is abundant food for them to eat. There are so many gnats, mosquitoes, and small flies bussing around during summer, it is hard to enjoy yourself in your porch. But now, I can have a small tasty snack accompanied by an ice cold sweet shake in my porch without as much as a fly to bother me. That is thanks once more to outdoor ceiling fans. The breeze keeps the insects away permanently.

Just make sure that you get the right kind of outdoor ceiling fan when you buy one for your porch. There are several designs that can complement your porch. There are also different grades. For porches that are small and where more moisture can get to it, there is the wet graded ceiling fans. For well covered porches, you can just get damp graded outdoor ceiling fans.

Panasonic Bathroom Fans


Panasonic bathroom fans are top quality products that are respected all over the world. They are durable, made out of quality materials and provide excellent service.

Panasonic Bathroom Fans also have a lot of value to offer. They are durable, made out of quality materials and do the job they are made to do. And this is a good news for all who have or wish to buy a Panasonic bathroom fan. These bathroom fans are made out of high quality parts and are put together based on research. There is a lot of technology in Panasonic fans since they have to operate under strained conditions and still ventilate the bathroom properly. These bathroom fans by Panasonic are made to fit different types of walls and ceilings. As you know, there are different needs to be satisfied and thus Panasonic has a lot of exhaust fans to offer.

For instance, WhisperFit and WhisperWarm exhaust bathroom fans are made to push the air out of the area, but will do that with different circumstances involved. You get light, heaters and some even have motion sensors in them. Others offer continuous ventilation that improves the quality of the air throughout your home, not just your bathing room. These WhisperWall fans are great if you do not have the possibility of passing air through the ceiling.

There are other advantages Panasonic bathroom fans offer, like steel housing and a rustproof paint that makes them extremely durable. Bathroom exhaust fans with dampers will prevent and stop backdraft which will save money on heating and cooling.

Panasonic ventilation fans are able to run for at least 100,000 hours while being very quiet. They also have a defect rate less than 0.0006%. One of the top ratings for any manufactured product in the world. Most models are Star rated, which means they are energy efficient aswell.

To find a suitable ventilation fan, you can calculate the space volume in cubic feet of the bathroom or other room. You do this by multiplying length x width x height. Then divide by 60 and then multiply the result by 8.

The size of Panasonic bathroom fans allows you to install them in anything from a residential bathroom to an industrial building. You can use exhaust fans in kitchen, garages, lofts and attic as well. Panasonic fans are available as ceiling mount, wall mount, multi-room, with lights or a heating unit.

Panasonic FV-40NLF1 WhisperLine In-Line Ventilation Fan for Single or Multiple Inlets Panasonic WhisperLine 440 CFM In-Line Fan Panasonic WhisperLine fans are designed for multiple task ventilation. This means that you can ventilate multiple areas or multiple rooms with just one fan. It is possible to place inlets over the shower, tub, toilet and vanity in a single bathroom and still use just one fan. In recent years, homes have become more airtight and energy efficient. While this lowers the cost to heat and air condition a home, it also retains pollutants that can pose a risk to the occupants.

Panasonic bathroom fans can improve the air quality of the home by ventilating fresh air through the whole house. The WhisperLine model, which removes stale air and provides fresh air on a slow, continuous basis. Panasonic FV-40NLF1 WhisperLine In-Line ventilation fan for single or multiple inlets. ventilate multiple areas with just one fan which is so quiet you might not realise it is running. Adjustable airflow for Multi-Inlet. Easy installation and continuous, trouble free operation for many years, plus energy star qualified for energy savings make Panasonic bathroom fans an excellent choice.

Energy Savings


The best use of a whole house fan system is to turn off the central air conditioner in the late afternoon or evening when the outside air temperature is below 85 degrees and at the same time turn on the whole house fan system. The whole house fan system then does the job of cooling your home much better and faster than an air conditioner at a huge savings in your electric bill.

How much does it cost you to run your air conditioning?

Last year a typical 15 year old 5 ton air conditioning system cost about $3.17 per hour to operate in many areas of California. This year it will cost about $5.44 per hour due to huge increases in utility rates in the upper tier levels.

The QuietCool System can save you 50% to 90% of your air conditioning usage.The QuietCool whole house cooling and ventilating system can help you significantly reduce your need for traditional air conditioning. The result is lower electric bills! The following chart is an example of potential savings when you reduce you’re A/C usage and use QuietCool instead.

The above chart illustrates how, if you only cut your air conditioning usage in half by using the QuietCool System, the savings should easily pay for a QuietCool System in ½ to 2 years. After that, you will save huge amounts each year.

The values for this chart were obtained from the Western Power Administration within the U.S Dept. of Energy study done in conjunction with Washington State University, using electric rates from California utility companies.

The fuel cost you select should be your highest tier rate from your electric bill. RebatesThe fact that the savings is so huge is the reason that almost all Utility Companies in California and those in many other areas of the country offer large rebates to the homeowner if they will install a whole house fan. These rebates are $75.00 to $250.00 for each whole house fan system installed. The following links will take you to their website for more information.